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Founder: Al Kirchner with Jenny McCall and Gayle Barnet
Founder Al Kirchner with produce manager Jenny McCall and deli manager Gayle Barnett

Greeting to all our customers, 

Food Matters Market is celebrating its 8th year of business, after opening our Brevard, NC store in August of 2012. When Co-founder Mike Ciacciarulo and I started Food Matters Market we not only intended to be the healthiest market in Transylvania county but also to be part of the rich heritage and community Brevard offers. With great success in the Brevard community, we opened the doors to our Morganton, NC location in March of 2016 with these very same intentions. Welcomed with open arms and through years of growing and curation of our overwhelmingly knowledgeable staff, we believe that our goals have and will continue to be met. We want to thank you, the customer, for being part of this journey. Our future holds these values as we look forward to opportunities to bring the Food Matters Market brand to other communities in our beautiful region.
Today we are dealing with health issues worldwide. All of us regardless of age, economic level, race, nationality are all equal in this situation. As a company, we strive to offer you the safest environment to shop for your family’s food and wellness needs. This is what we owe to you as a customer and to our community. We will bring you the cleanest, healthiest, and most sustainable products you can find in your community.  

In our present world, it is becoming more evident that if you have a healthy foundation of activities and diet, you will live a more balanced and quality life. One very important part of dealing with health issues is a foundation for healthy eating. We more than anyone believe that "you are what you eat".  What we consume in our daily diet is a very important tool in the prevention of illness naturally. Our products are known for what they don't contain, and the benefits they provide the consumer by being free of chemicals and additives. Our products are truly what they say they are and to our knowledge the very best you can put in your body. 

The network of producers, suppliers, local providers, and Food Matters are all part of the chain to bring to our communities products that fit into your daily lives. Food Matters lives by our motto "where people and food matters" and hope that you see us as your partners for healthy living. 
Thanks again for having Food Matters as a part of your communities, and we hope to see you soon!

Al Kirchner, Co-Founder

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